The Baskin Dormancy Database represents decades of effort by Carol and Jerry Baskin to aggregate and synthesize information on the dormancy behavior of thousands of seed plant species. The most recent synthesis of these data can be found in their book: Baskin, C. C., and Baskin, J. M. (2014). Seeds: ecology, biogeography, and evolution of dormancy and germination. Second Edition. San Diego: Academic Press. We ask that you please cite this book when publishing these data.

The raw data within that book are available here, modified slightly to match the current taxonomy recognized by The Plant List. Note, this is dynamic database, and it regularly updated within new information.

Dormancy Classes:

PD - Physiological dormancy; MD - morphological dormancy; MPD - morpho-physiological dormancy; PY - physical dormancy; PYPD - physio-physical dormancy; ND - no dormancy; DUST - dust seeds